Do you know??

You've probably read enough to know that nanotechnology could make a difference in your products. However, many companies often miss out on opportunities for advancement because they simply don't have the structures and people in place to monitor the many rapidly evolving technologies available. The technology can improve many areas like production methods and materials, while saving costs and eliminating hazardous materials. The implementation of the latest technology also is a bonus for a company's image.

The products we develop and supply represent the latest technology with new unseen properties, better durability and the best environmental performance available anywhere in the world. We supply the largest range of nanotechnology product solutions in Malaysia providing our customers with superior technology for their needs.

There's no doubt about it: nanotechnology is beginning to find some interesting answers to a number of the construction industry's problems. Worldwide experience has shown that advances in materials technology are often the absolute essence of a competitive advantage for many of today's construction companies.

Nanotechnology Solutions

Photocatalyst Coatings
The photocatalyst coating products are suitable for high-efficiency and professional coatings application. It is the most important products line of Chemzone.The applications cover the environment, healthcare, chemicals ,buildings and energy fields.

Photocatalyst Aerosol
The aersol product covers daily car & home odor control and anti-bacterial fields. Its advantage is easy carry and use without special equipment.

Photocatalyst Slurry & Sol
Slurry and concentrated sol sector includes the newest development in Chemzone, the slurry products are applicable to cosmetic, paint and PCO device fields. High performance sol products can offer a better performance and keep a high tranperancy film apperance compare to slurry product.

Textile Guard Coatings
The textile guard coatings form a nano lotus-like surface structure to the traditional textiles, so it can bring excellent anti-dirty, hydrophobic and lipophobicity feature to the normal textile products.