Lab Equipment

Viscosity Original Coating Performance
Ford Cups
ISO Flow Cups
Zahn Cup
Japanese Iwata Cup (NK-2 Cup)
Din Flow Cup
Level Adjustable Stand
Tripod Stand
Digital Stop Watch
Mechanical Stopwatch
Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer
Digital Rotary Viscometer
Intelligent Digital Rotary Viscometer
Accessories of Viscometer
Krebs Stormer Viscometer
Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscometer
Fineness of Grind Gauges
Abbe Refractometer
Digital Abbe Refractometer
Density (Specific Gravity) Cups
Leveling Tester
Sagging Tester
Hiding Power Checker Board
Economic Portable Reflecting Rate Tester
Opacity Meter / Intelligent Reflectometer
Line Drying Time Recorder
Circular Ball Drying Time Recorder
Minimum Film Forming Tem. Tester
Color Assessment Cabinet
Iron-Cobalt Color Comparison Tester
Gardner Color Comparator C Illuminant
Pen Portable pH Meter
Portable pH Meter
Table pH Meter
Portable pH Meter
Table pH Meter
Portable Conductivity Meter
Table Conductivity Meter
Moisture Measurement Instrument
Automatic-Intelligence Moisture Tester
Automatic-Intelligence Moisture
Flash Point Tester
Automatic Interfacial Tension Tester
Automatic Distillation Tester

Application Film Physical Performance
One-sided Applicator
Cube Applicator
Two-sided Applicator
Four-sided Applicator
Four-sided Applicator (Frame-Type)
Micrometer Adjustable Applicators
Wire Bar Coasters
Vacuum Film Applicator Bed
Automatic Film Applicator
Film Applicator with Holding Device
Spray Gun
Economic Glossmeter
New Intelligent Glossmeter
Intelligent Tri-Glossmeter
Small Orifice Glossmeter
Intelligent Double-Geo Haze Glossmeter
Economic Portable Color Meter
Precision Spectrophometer
Wet Film Comb Thickness Gauges
Rolling Wheel Thickness Gauges
PIG Dry Film Measuring Instrument
Dry Film Thickness Gauge
Table Digital Whiteness Meter
Portable Whiteness Meter
Anti-static Resistance Ohmmeter
Insulation Resistance Meter

Film Mechanical Performance Universal Instruments of Laboratory
Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester
Economic Cross Hatch Tester
Cross Cutting Rule
Scotch Transparent Tape
Pull off Adhesion Tester
Pencil Hardness Tester
Adjustable Pencil Hardness Tester
Pendulum Hardness Tester
Buchholz Indentation Hardness Tester
Automatic Scratch Tester
Mitsubishi Pencil
Cased Paint Film Bend Tester
Paint Film Bend Tester
Bend-Over Tester
Conical Mandrel Bend Tester
Impact Tester
Dupont Impact Tester
Digital Cupping Tester
Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
Universal Wearable Tester
Rotational Abrasion Tester
Linear Abraser
Falling Sand Abrasion Testers
R.C.A. Paper Abrasion Wear Testers
Economic Table Tensile Machines
Digital Tensile Machines
Digital Electric Mixer Machine
Precise Electronic Overhead Stirrers
High-speed Dispersing Machine
High-speed Shear Dispersing Emulsifier / Homogenizer
Versatile Sand-Milling Dispersing-Agitator
Air Pneumatic Mixer
Lab Basket Mill
Coating Fast Dispersing Tester
Three Roll Mill
Flat Grinding Instrument
Economic Electrical Balance
Economic Electrical Balance with Big Platform
Electronic Analytical Balance
Bench Scale
Electronic Density Balance
Fast Moisture Tester
Precise Oven
One-body High-Temperature Oven
UV Solidify Machine
UV Integrator (UV Radiometer Dosimeter)
Heating Bath
Water Bath
Oil Bath
Low Temperature Thermostatic Bath
Laboratory Freezers
Salt Fog Cabinets
Fog-master Cyclic Corrosion Tester
Temperature & Humidity Incubator
High-Low Temperature With Humidity Chamber
Ultraviolet (UV) Light Tester
Simple Ultraviolet (UV) Light Tester
Table Xenon Tester Chambers
Xenon Test Chambers

Others Lab Standard Expendable Items
Pin Type Moisture Meter
Multifunctional Digital Moisture Meter
Temperature & Humidity Meter
Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer
Surface Roughness Tester
Temperature Tracker
Test Substrates
Opacity Charts
Spreading Rate Charts
Spatulas for Paint and Ink Applications
Zirconia Beads
Grinding Glass Beads
Sealing Clamper
RAL Formula Guidev PANTONE Plus Series Formula Guide
Digital Calipers / Micrometer

Special Instruments of Ink and Printing Equipments
Falling Rod Viscometer
Hand Proofer
Tin Plate Ink Proofer
Electron Printing Ink Viscometer
Printing Proofer
Multi-section Ink Proofing Press
Simple Multi-section Ink Proofing
Basic Rub Resistance Tester
Precise Rub Resistance Tester
Improved Rub Resistance Tester
Automatic Drying Tester for Ink
Emulsificastion Tester
Digital Emulsificastion Tester
Speed-Adjustable Single-Axle
Dual-Axle High Grinder and Distributor
Basket-Type Fact of Grinder